Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping April 3-15


Ever feel like you have fallen off the bandwagon with something?  It’s typically dieting or exercise or quitting smoking that you hear about, but I have fallen off of the “grocery shopping on budget” bandwagon.  I mentioned in a previous post some ways that we save money on groceries.  While those still apply, I have been finding it harder to stay on budget.

This trip I shopped mostly at Save-A-Lot as we have a new one in the area instead of my usual Aldi. I also got a few school lunch items for the kids, my son’s class snack for the month, and yogurt for me at Wal-Mart. While I think Save-A-Lot has a lot more selection and is cheaper on a few items, they are overall, a hair more expensive than Aldi.  That’s just a general comparison – not an item by item, store by store comparison.  That could have been my mistake….getting off the usual course.

My total at Wal-Mart: $53.46
My total at Save-A-Lot: $177.30 (about $70 of which was fresh fruits and veggies).

There it is…the sad but true realization that that is way above $150.00.  Should I beat myself up? Perhaps, but I really have come to the conclusion that unless the garden is in season, we cannot eat truly healthy foods for $150.00/every 2 weeks.  If I am wrong, please give me your menu plan and your secrets so I can do it!

I will be headed back to Aldi for the next shopping round on April 16.  For now though, here are my thirteen suppers:

Bacon, Mushroom & Spinach Frittata/Fresh Fruit

Pork Shoulder Roast/Oven Roasted Herb Potatoes/Honey Glazed Carrots  (CP)

BBQ Pork/Baked Beans/Corn   (CP)

Salmon/Brown Rice/Salad

Roasted Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Peas

Chicken Pot Pie/Fresh Fruit

Pork Chops/Noodles/Mixed Vegetables   (CP)

Tex Mex Turkey Casserole/Salad   (CP)

Perch/Baked Potato/Peas

Orange Chicken/Brown Rice/Cauliflower


Macaroni & Cheese/Broccoli (CP)

Spaghetti with Sausage/Cucumbers with Dressing 

*CP simply means the crock pot can be utilized! :)

Happy Meal Planning, Shopping and Cooking!


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