Meal Plan & Grocery Shopping Adventure for Feb. 1-Feb. 16


I grocery shop just twice per month.  In an earlier post I shared how I always have at least 14 suppers planned out before I ever venture into the store and some ways that we save money on groceries.  You can view that post here.

On Monday I made my twice-monthly trek to Aldi. As usual, I bought the bulk of my haul at Aldi.  I was delighted to find milk was only $1.79/gallon this week!  I had to pick up light bulbs, painters tape and Plaster Patch at Wal-Mart.  Since I was in there anyhow, I also got yogurt the kids have been asking for that is not available at Aldi as well as dry Lima Beans for a recipe on my meal plan, Butter Flavor Crisco for Valentine’s Cut Out Cookies, Valentine themed cupcake liners and sprinkles for the cupcakes my daughter has to take in to school for her class Valentine’s Day Party, and Kettle Corn Seasoning for the air-pop popcorn we make at home (my only impulse buy!!).   The total for this twice-monthly trip:  $166.26.  This does not include strawberries for our yearly Valentine’s dinner with friends…it’s too soon to buy those.

By no means am I trying to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I am feeling like the $150.00 budget is not as attainable as it once was.  That budget was set for me when my children were babies.  They are now 5 and 7 and are packing lunches for school.  They are eating more.  They are taking snacks to school — my daughter for herself each day and my son for his whole class 1-2 times per month.  Most school days, I have additional children that get off the bus here for 30 minutes to an hour and  a half. What kid doesn’t want a snack after school?!  I am not heartbroken that I seldom stick to the original budget.  I hear stories of folks who spend in 1 week what I spend for 2…..and that makes me feel much better!

What’s your weekly, twice-monthly or monthly budget and how to do you stick to it?

Here are my 17 Suppers (in no particular order):

(One main dish carried over from last time due to an unplanned schedule change. One side dish carried over…either due to a time constraint or deciding something else sounded better.)

Pork Shoulder Roast/Mashed Potatoes/Peas

BBQ Pork (with leftovers from roast above)/Augratin Potatoes/Mixed Veggies

Lasagna Roll-Ups/ Toss Salad

Grilled Cheese with Bacon & Tomato/Tomato Soup/Broocoli with Cheese Sauce

Hot Dogs/French Fries/Pears

Roast Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Cauliflower & Broccoli with Sharp Cheese/Jello/Rolls (This is our Valentine Dinner with friends over).

Tuna Noodle Skillet/Fruit

Pork Chops/Baked Rice Pilaf/Applesauce

Frittata/Hash Brown Potatoes/Toast with Jelly

Salmon/Honeyed Carrots/Noodles Florentine

Ham/Baked Potatoes/Corn/Watermelon/Bread Rolls (Starch much?  This is actually the meal my daughter planned and is helping to cook as part of our new feature: Guest Chef Saturday.  Each child gets 1 Saturday per month to choose the  meal and help cook it.)

Bean & Ham Soup/Fruit (with the leftover ham from above meal)

Orange Chicken/Rice/Peas

Baked Lima Beans/Broccoli Salad/Smashed Red Potatoes

Turkey Noodle Soup/Fruit

Spaghetti & Meatballs/Cucumbers with Ranch or Blue Cheese

Beef Tenderloin/Twice Baked Potatoes


Happy meal planning and shopping to you!!!




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