A Year On The Farm In Pictures

As we open up a new year, I feel compelled to praise the Lord for all of the blessings of 2014.  Our garden was full of vegetables.  We have potatoes galore in the cellar, corn in the freezer, and many jars of salsa.   Our children are healthy.  We breathe country air everyday.  My hubby has a job that he likes.  This year’s piglets were not sick (2013 had taught us where NOT to buy them from).  Brownie the cow had her 3rd calf (three heifers in a row) whom we named Patches because her markings are like that of wearing an eye patch just like Onnie and Reid do!  Patches got sick this fall, but is doing better now. We had new adventures on the farm as we tried out raising turkeys and meat chickens for the first time.  Both were pleasant experiences that I hope to repeat again this year.  I consider it a blessing and an honor to just be able to dwell on this farm.  It’s an added bonus to be able to keep animals.

Our old barn

Our old barn.  My grandfather had it built in 1912 with what’s believed to be virgin timber from the woods here at the farm.  It’s a big one!

We refer to Onnolee as "The Chicken Whisperer"

We refer to Onnolee as “The Chicken Whisperer”.

Feeding the chickens

Reid and Onnie enjoy feeding the chickens cracked corn or scratch feed as a treat.

Looking for bugs!

The kids out looking for bugs at the edge of the garden.

Morning in May I took this picture one lovely morning in May.

Inside the veggie stand.    A view of some summer squash for sale inside the veggie stand.

20140729_105511We tried raising turkeys for the first time in 2014.   Here they are in July as chicks a few weeks old.


Brownie and her sweet calf, Patches

One of my favorite pictures!!! The kids looking out the back barn door.

One of my favorite pictures!!! The kids looking out the back barn door.

We turned an old corn crib into our "turkey coop".

We turned an old relic corn crib into our “turkey coop”.  It isn’t pretty but it definitely worked.

Meat chicken chicks

We got our very first meat chicken chicks on August 1st.  It’s hard to believe they went from this to 6-7 lb. roasting  chicken in just 9 short weeks!

Garden bounty!

Some of our garden bounty!  The heads of cauliflower were the size of my head and weighed in at over 6 lbs.! Cucumbers were in big abundance this year.

Digging potatoes

The kids very much enjoyed helping me dig potatoes with bare feet.


Occasionally we still ring the old dinner bell, but I reckon not as much as my grandmother used to.


We have a lot of gorgeous sunrises here on the farm.


This Hubbard squash (winter variety) weighed in at 32 lbs.!  Friends from church bought it and said it was delicious!


This little piggy….got really big! We raised 2 of them – one we kept for the freezer and the other one we sold to Aaron’s boss.   I think we come out pretty even doing that – not bringing in a profit really, but when it’s all said and done, I think we eat pork for free.



One morning in October as I walked up the driveway after putting Onnolee on the bus, I noticed the sunrise in the east casting this amazing glow on the fall leaves to the west behind our house.  In the foreground is the old ice house.


Tom Turkey! It was a pleasure to grow these this year.  They are so curious and entertaining.


An early snow in November did not bother these feathered friends.


A combine going down the dirt road behind our barn has caught the attention of a couple of beef cows.


Tom Turkey ended up dressing out at 33 lbs.! I had to borrow a pan from the restaurant I work at in order to roast it! Stuffed, it took 8 and a half hours!


Snow has come to the farm!


The kids enjoy sledding in the small hay field just up above the garden.  Here’s Reid stopping to smile before sliding down again.


May your year ahead be full of many blessings.  Be sure to savor the little things.  I’m told that one day, we’ll realize they were the big things.  I aim to stop an smell the fresh mowed hay a bit longer and be more thankful for what I do have instead of worrying all about what I don’t have.   Happy New Year!

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I am a child of God -- seeking daily to walk in the Way. I am the daughter of a farmer. I am married to an awesome man who makes it possible for me to live out my dream of keeping the farm that has been in my family for 110 years. I am the mother of two. We have laying hens for eggs, raise our own chicken, pork and beef as well as have a large garden. We sell the excess produce at our roadside stand along with my crafts and photography. Thanks for reading about our adventures. God bless!

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  1. Very nice Julie. Love you to the moon and back and look forward to spending many more years and many more adventures with you.

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