Category: Poetry

Finding Words

I hesitate, picking up my pen and putting it down again. I hang back – safe in the shadows of Black Walnuts and weathered boards. I stumble as I try to find the words – the words of your story. Is it possible that I am not suitable to tell this story? The story of […]


Learning to bake bread On my hand-me-down board With my hand-me-down pans; Kneading while thinking Of the hands before me, doing the same. Calloused hands. Aged knuckles. Pouring love into their labor. Slicing apples for a pie. Warm, inviting pie. Served from a hand-me-down plate That has circled an oval table Many times over. Where […]

Voices In The Wind

Did you ever hear the wind Whisper as it whirled? Have you heard it echo Voices of the past? The wrinkling rustle of the leaves Is really Mama hushing baby to sleep. The creak of the shed door, back and forth Is just the repetition of teacher and pupil In the old¬†schoolhouse across the way. […]