Month: January 2016

Finding Words

I hesitate, picking up my pen and putting it down again. I hang back – safe in the shadows of Black Walnuts and weathered boards. I stumble as I try to find the words – the words of your story. Is it possible that I am not suitable to tell this story? The story of […]


Learning to bake bread On my hand-me-down board With my hand-me-down pans; Kneading while thinking Of the hands before me, doing the same. Calloused hands. Aged knuckles. Pouring love into their labor. Slicing apples for a pie. Warm, inviting pie. Served from a hand-me-down plate That has circled an oval table Many times over. Where […]

A Tribute to District No. 5

A few have seen this little old shed that I often photograph.  I am passionate about our area and its history and as I visited the old schoolhouse lot this morning, I felt a need to share the story of this brave little shed that has weathered the elements for at least a century…. At […]

Homemade Laundry Detergent

We live on the second floor of a big old farmhouse.  The washing machine is located in the cellar…2 flights of stairs below….exactly 29 stairs if I take the front way or 28 stairs if I take the back way.  That being said, there are days that I do not do laundry because I don’t […]